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    Peculiarities of tourism and recreational activities in Ukraine: economic and managerial aspects
    (Springer, Cham, 2024-02-20) Kozhukhіvska R., ; Sakovska O., ; Konieczny G., ; Kolisnichenko P., ; Kovalenko L., ; Naherniuk D.
    Tourism activities related to the providing of recreational services contributes to the development of regions and destinations. Due to the increase of recreational services, some tourist destinations are currently experiencing an increase in the recreational load on sites of special environmental protection significance. Taking into account the results of the study, the authors have outlined the basic components of recreational and tourism activities within environment-oriented areas. The definition of the term «tourist and recreational activity» has been proposed. The main components of tourist and recreational activities in Ukraine are identified. It is indicated that natural, historical and cultural objects located in a certain destination are its resource base for recreational activities and tourism. The authors propose to consider that the territories of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine can be used as a destination for recreational activities. It is noted that nature reserves territories and national parks are an important element of the natural resource potential of the territory and their function includes not only environmental protection activities, but they also may serve as a basis for the development of tourism business in Ukraine. On the basis of the empirical analysis used to assess recreational activities on the territory of the Nizhniosulsky National Nature Park, it is established that this park is an object of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine and can be used for recreational activities and tourist services. Based on the results of the study, the authors provide practical recommendations for reducing the level of negative impact of recreational activities on the objects of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine. Compliance with the aforementioned recommendations will contribute to the development of tourist destinations, and the recreational load on the objects of the Ukrainian nature reserve fund will decrease.
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    An analysis of the development, current state, and future prospects of mobile communications for the travel and hospitality industries
    (Springer, Cham, 2024-02-20) Tsypko V., ; Shcherbakova N., ; Ivanchuk S., ; Tyshchenko S., ; Chernyshova T., ; Sakovska O.
    Reviewing the previous four generations of mobile communication technology in light of the expected ramifications of 5G and beyond, as well as future research, will provide valuable context to the current state of the field as interest in 5G gains momentum. To better assist academic academics and industry practitioners in understanding the research topic, this study employs a systematic content analysis technique to present a complete and multidisciplinary assessment of mobile communication research in the tourist and hospitality sector. The impact of mobile communication technologies and their applications on the future of tourism and hospitality studies and business practices is also examined. Along with helping to fill in certain gaps in the existing literature, this study may provide important theoretical direction and practical consequences for future academic and industry research into the use of mobile communication technology in the hotel and tourist industries.
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    (ACADEMIA DE STUDII ECONOMICE DIN MOLDOVA, 2024-04) Тимчук Світлана Володимирівна ; Нещадим Людмила Миколаївна ; Кирилюк Ірина
    This article examines the innovative strategies employed by tour operating companies in response to geopolitical challenges, particularly focusing on the creation of transborder routes. In a world marked by geopolitical transformations, the tourism industry faces diverse risks that necessitate adaptive measures from tour operators. The study assesses the risks linked to transborder tourist routes and investigates the proactive role of tour operators in mitigating these challenges. Geopolitical factors, such as political and economic instability, terrorism threats, diplomatic disputes, migration crises, and changes in infrastructure and access, significantly impact the safety and stability of transborder routes. The article highlights the dynamic nature of these challenges and emphasizes the need for flexible and responsive strategies from tour operators. In this context, the research delves into the role of technological innovations, including digital technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain, in enhancing the quality, safety, and adaptability of transborder tourist routes. It explores how these technologies contribute to efficient logistics, personalized tourist experiences, and real-time analysis of geopolitical risks. Furthermore, the article discusses the importance of collaboration among stakeholders in the tourism industry. It underscores the significance of information exchange and best practices among tour operators to overcome geopolitical challenges effectively. The study concludes by emphasizing the critical role of innovation in ensuring the sustainability and success of tour operators amidst geopolitical uncertainties.
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    Стратегії сталого розвитку в готельно-ресторанній сфері: екотренди та їх вплив на бізнес сектор економіки.
    (ТВОРИ, 2023-12-15) Тимчук Світлана Володимирівна
    У сучасному світі, де зростає свідомість про екологічні проблеми та необхідність сталого розвитку, готельно-ресторанна сфера виявляє все більший інтерес до екотрендів. Готелі та ресторани, як складові туристичного сектора, мають потужний потенціал впливу на збереження довкілля та раціональне використання ресурсів. Все більше підприємств цієї галузі розуміють, що відповідальне ставлення до природних ресурсів та збереження навколишнього середовища не лише сприяє екологічній стійкості, але й має прямий вплив на їх бізнес. Дослідження основних екотрендів, які впливають на готельно-ресторанну сферу, такі як зелене будівництво, відновлювана енергія, ефективне використання ресурсів, управління відходами та багато інших є актуальними сьогодні і у майбутньому. Дослідження екотрендів та їх впливу на готельно-ресторанний бізнес не лише розкриє потенціал сталого розвитку у цій сфері, але й сформує корисні рекомендації для практичного застосування сталих стратегій. Результати цього дослідження сприятимуть зміні підходів та впровадженню практик, спрямованих на підвищення екологічної ефективності та стійкості у готельно-ресторанній сфері.
  • Матеріал
    Development of entrepreneurship in the tourism and recreation sphere: marketing research
    (Springer, Cham, 2023-10-04) Kozhukhіvska R. ; Sakovska O. ; Podzihun S. ; Lementovska V. ; Lopatiuk R. ; Valinkevych N.
    The processes of natural restructuring, crisis economic phenomena that take place in Ukraine have a negative impact on the economic situation. Under such conditions, it is relevant to study new approaches, principles, theoretical and methodological provisions regarding the directions and perspectives of entrepreneurship development at the destination level, as well as the development of innovative and investment forms of entrepreneurial activity in the field of tourism and recreation. The article determines that the scientific basis that defines the strategic development of Ukraine in the foreseeable future is the concept of tourism development based on the use of initiative, economic independence and innovative capabilities of business entities of the national market and its territorial and sectoral constituentsIt has been established that entrepreneurship in the field of tourism and recreation creates opportunities for further economic development of regions, formation of investment and innovation policy and provision of competitive services in new forms. The singularities of forming the entrepreneurial concept of tourism and recreational activities have been determined. With the purpose of developing the tourism and recreational industries of Ukraine and providing better tourism services, the article proposes an innovative form of methodology for the formation of a competitive tourism environment at the destination level using the marketing principles of customer focus. The author proposes a managerial and economic mechanism for carrying out entrepreneurial activities by the means of recreation and tourism entities at the level of destinations.