Man in Noosphere: Evolution and Further Development

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Son'ko, Sergiy
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Printed according to resolution of Scientific Board of International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology (Minutes of meeting No. 29 from December 28, 2018)
The absence of the paradigm of the socio-natural development of the noospheric level is now confirmed by the almost complete fiasco of the concept of sustainable development (especially after Rio + 20). The main reason for this is the incorrect positioning of the “Homo” species in the biosphere of the planet. “Ecotope” Homo Sapiens goes far beyond the organism level of the species organization and covers the ecosystem level, forming an agroecosystem, as an ecological niche with moving spatial boundaries. The reason for the aggravation of the global ecological problem is the spatial inconsistency of the territorial combinations of the noospheric ecosystems. As close to sustainable, the priority development of agroecosystems as socio-natural systems is proposed and the need to “inscribe” administrative-territorial division into their borders, since just then the content of interaction between nature and society will be approximated to the adaptive content.
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agroecosystem, biosphere, sustainable, ecological, noosphere
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Philosophy and Cosmology, Volume 22. The Academic Journal.- р.р.51-75. Kyiv, 2019. DOI: