Sustainable development, noosphere and spatial organization of society in the subject field of sociaty geography

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Sonko, Sergiy
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Харків, ХНУ імені В.Н. Каразіна
The article is devoted to the noosphere evolution of the spatial organization of society. As one of main reasons of sharpening global ecological problem spatial-temporal inconsistency of development of nature and society is examined. Its decision is possible within the limits of the spatial socio natural systems which are examined as a complex of three associate ecosystems of a human, - agroecosystem, urboecosystem, infraecosystem. The system of criteria indexes is developed for proper typology of the world countries. The methodological approach is offered for the development of new administrative-territorial device of Ukraine based on the criteria of steady development.
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spatial organization, global, noosphere, sustainable development, ecological
Бібліографічний опис
Часопис соціально-економічної географії: міжрегіон. зб. наук. праць. – Харків, ХНУ імені В.Н. Каразіна, 2016. – Вип. 20 (1). – С. 18-21.