The efficiency of organic biostimulants for kohlrabi seeds and plants treatment.

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Ketskalo V. V.
Kononenko L. M.
Vyshnevska L. M.
Vorobiova N. V
Kovtuniuk Z. I.
Gerasymchuk H. P
Chaploutskyi A. M.
Borysenko V. V.
Voitovska V. I.
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Plant Archives
The research reveals a versatile positive effect of organic bio stimulants Regoplant, Stimpo, and Emochka on kohlrabi cabbage plants. Soaking the seeds for 12 hours and foliar dressing of plants during vegetation with solutions of growth regulators contributed not only to increase the total yield of stems but also to enhancing growth indices of kohlrabi plants and at the same time ensuring better resistance to adverse growing conditions. The highest yield was obtained for the soaking seeds for 12 hours and 2 foliar dressings. Thus, in kohlrabi varieties ‘Delikatesna Bila’ and ‘Violeta’, the highest yield of stems (23.9−25.2 t/ha) was obtained under the influence of growth regulators Regoplant and Stimpo. In the experiment, a high yield of commodity stems was obtained in variety ‘Delikatesna Bila’ (86−93%) and in variety ‘Violeta’ (86−91%), which was on average higher by 8.0 and 5.6% than in the control treatment. The use of biostimulants ensured the yield of soluble dry matter higher by 0.2%, 0.4%, 0.8%in‘Delikatesna Bila’ and by 0.8%, 1.0%, 0.3% in ‘Violeta’, respectively, compared to the control treatment.
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Ketskalo V. V., Kononenko L. M., Vyshnevska L. M., Vorobiova N. V., Kovtuniuk Z. I., Gerasymchuk H. P., Chaploutskyi A. M., Borysenko V. V., Voitovska V. I. The efficiency of organic biostimulants for kohlrabi seeds and plants treatment. Plant Archives. Vol. 21, Supplement 1, 2021