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Title: Financial support of entities on the results of integrated assessment
Authors: Прокопчук, Олена Тодорівна
Улянич, Юлія Василівна
Keywords: assets
integral criterion
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: “SEPIKE”
Citation: Prokopchuk O. Financial support of entities on the results of integrated assessment / Olena Prokopchuk, Yulia Ulyanych, Konstantin Ulyanych // Journal L´Association 1901 «SEPIKE» [Social Educational Project of Improving Knowledge in Economics. – Osthofen, Deutschland; Poitiers, France; Los Angeles, USA, den 31.12.2014. – Nr. 7. – pp. 125-132
Abstract: This article is devoted to discover the methods of integral criterion and comparison of the assets formation in regions. The authors consider the essence of the assets and their classification, accomplish the calculation of integral indices of assets backing in the Cherkassy region and identify the advantages of the method of integral analysis of regions. The advantage of proposed method of integral regional analysis is possibility to rank regions through the comparison of some calculated dimensions. Also it makes possible to assess the activity impact (assets formation) of business entities.
ISSN: 2196-9531
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