Thermodynamic modeling of Zn-S and Zn-Se alloys

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Ковальов, Леонід Євгенійович
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Ural State Pedagogical University
In the present work, using the TERRA software, the thermodynamic characteristics and equilibrium composition of the condensed and gas phases formed during the equilibrium heating of ZnSe and ZnS in a wide range of temperatures (300-3000 K) at the common pressure of P = 105 Pa in an argon atmosphere were studied. The effect of temperature and impurity content on the properties of Zn-Se and Zn-S melts has been studied. Temperature dependences of the content of condensed and gas phases and thermodynamic state parameters for each of the systems studied over a wide temperature range have been constructed.
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zinc chalcogenides, thermodynamic characteristics
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Ilinykh N.I., Kovalev L.E., Vachnenko G.A. Thermodynamic modeling of Zn-S and Zn-Se alloys // Book of Abstracts of the 16-th IUPAC High Temperature Materials Chemistry Conference (HTMC-XVI), July 2-6, 2018, Ekaterinburg, Russia / Ural State Pedagogical University. – Ekaterinburg, 2018. – P. 68