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Транченко, Людмила Володимирівна
Тимчук, Світлана Володимирівна
Терещук, Наталя Василівна
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In this study, the authors raise the question that tourism, the tourism industry constructs a special space created by hotels, transport infrastructure, a special form of organization of tourist facilities, and so on. The beginning of the XXI century is characterized by the dominance of globalization trends in the development of international relations. The world market of goods and services is becoming a single global economic space in which the development of a particular segment is a natural consequence of the effectiveness of internationalization, transnationalization and international communication. The purpose of the article is to find out the communication features in the field of tourism in the context of globalization of modern society. The task of the research is to determine the ways for the tourist to overcome the inconveniences when getting acquainted with the foreign culture of other countries; to investigate the optimal model of interaction between national and international parameters of service culture in the field of hospitality. In terms of cross-cultural communications, characteristic of tourism as one of the dominant factors in the globalization of modern society and the front of the clash of cultures, it is necessary to take into account national characteristics, manifested in latent form in relation to the world and values, behaviour, communication methods, inclinations and passions, in a way of life, in traditions and habits. A safe form of immersion in a foreign environment is a culture of service, and European standards act as a mediating space between tourists and foreign culture. The standardized culture of service and the accepted business etiquette are capable to compensate a culture shock, for this purpose in the country professional culture of the employee of sphere of hospitality has to develop.
Hospitality is the art of trifles, therefore, the work of each employee in the hotel is equally important and from the behavior of each of them directly depends on how the recreation of the guest. Of great importance in customer service has a respectful attitude of staff to any cultural traditions of their guests. The acquisition of any hotel is professional and educated staff, which can communicate with customers in several languages, and a pleasant experience of enlightenment, level of professional knowledge, tactfulness and flexibility in communication. However, with all the importance of a professional organization of communication, capable of reducing communicative risks, professionals in the field of tourism and hospitality are acutely lacking. In many respects, this is determined by a relatively low level of services provided, low quality of service. In hotels, even in managerial positions are forced to put up with workers without proper qualification. At the same time, tourism, tourism reality is not possible without professionals-logistics capable of developing a complex route; make it as convenient as possible. After all, it is not a secret that the attractiveness of Europe as a vacation site is not in the last turn related to the transport availability, the provision of flights and terminals, the branching of railway highways and highways, the presence of a huge number of transport enterprises, ready to take over the part of the care of the route. The short period of the tourism season does not allow the infrastructure, and the lack of infrastructure and the necessary set of specialists do not allow implementing the projects to extend the season. Even in the variant, when such a project is being developed at the state level, the lack of qualified specialists becomes an extremely serious problem. It would seem that today in universities and colleges of the country there is mass training of managerial manager and linear personnel for tourism. However, the saturation of the labor market is required by the number of highly skilled specialists. The tourism market, as well as tourist reality, is developing extremely rapidly. Those directions, which were still elite yesterday, are actively used in a mass tourism today; there are new directions, new tourist centers and technologies.
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tourism, tourism industry, intercultural communications, social space of tourism, hospitality, туризм, туристична індустрія
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Tranchenko L. V., Yavorska V. V., Sych V. A., Timchuk S. V., Tereschuk N. V. Features of communication in the hospitality industry in the context of globalization // Вісник ОНУ імені І.І.Мечникова. Серія: Географічні та геологічні науки. Т 26. Вип. 1(38), 2021. С. 215-230