Imperatives for the formation and development of the circular economy and global waste management

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Khomenko, Inna
Vuychenko, Marina
Gomeniuk, Maryna
Mazur, Yurii
Haidai, Oksana
Хоменко, Інна
Гоменюк, Марина Олександрівна
Вуйченко, Марина Анатоліївна
Мазур, Юрій Павлович
Гайдай, Оксана Василівна
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E3S Web of Conferences 255
The world ecological problem of waste accumulation, environmental pollution and the need to develop a circular economy are described. The aim of the article is to show the advantage of using a circular economy in the management of the national economy. It is substantiated that resource management should radically change from a linear model of accept-use-dispose to a more stable, circular model. It is proved that the principles of circular economy are not based on the management of material and waste flows, but on more valuable methods, such as maintenance, recycling and reuse. Different models of circular economy and their shortcomings are considered. Based on practical world experience in implementing the concept of circular economy, 5 main circular business models are identified. It has been established that circular supply chains that minimize waste and seek to reuse, repair and recycle where waste cannot be prevented should be more sustainable than the linear systems they replace. It was found that in the absence of effective resource management, the current environmental situation will lead to fatal consequences, which confirms the need for public administration to ensure the use of a circular economy.
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circular economy, circular business models, global waste management
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Inna Khomenko, Marina Vuychenko, Maryna Gomeniuk, Yurii Mazur and Oksana Haidai Imperatives for the formation and development of the circular economy and global waste management. – E3S Web Conf. Volume 255, 2021. – International Conference on Sustainable, Circular Management and Environmental Engineering (ISCMEE 2021).