Peculiarities of Creating Advertising Activities on the Tourist Services Market

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Sakovska, Оlena
Udovenko, Irina
Skurtol, Svitlana
Nechytailo, Veronika
Harbar, Olga
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Madrid, Spain
Advertising serves different purposes, affects the economy, ideology, culture, social climate, education and other aspects of our life. This fact determines the need to study the formation of advertising activities in the tourist market, especially in the development and implementation of practical elements for improving the effectiveness of promotional activities of tourist enterprises. The article defines functions of advertising in tourism and effectiveness of implementation of advertising activity at tourism enterprises. Specific features are allocated which related to formation of the tourist product and the main elements necessary for the implementation of the high-quality tourism product on the world market. The factors trends and the constituents that determine the role of tourism in modern society under the conditions global economy whare investigated. The results of research in the article can be used by as a source of information for the formation of of advertising activity on the market of tourism services.
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economy, tourism, advertising, marketing
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103. Raisa Kozhukhіvska, Оlena Sakovska, Irina Udovenko, Svitlana Skurtol, Veronika Nechytailo and Olga Harbar (2019). Peculiarities of Creating Advertising Activities on the Tourist Services Market: Proceedings of the 34th IBIMA Conference, 13-14 November 2019, Madrid, Spain. ISBN: 978-0-9998551-3-3.