Differential Geometry of Special Mappings

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Березовський, Володимир Євгенійович
Berezovskii, V. E.
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Olomouc: Palacký University
During the last 50 years, many new and interesting results have appeared in the theory of conformal, geodesic, holomorphically projective, F-planar and others mappings and transformations of manifolds with affine connection, Riemannian, K¨ahler and Riemann-Finsler manifolds. The authors dedicate the present monograph to the exposition of this topic. We give the basic concepts of the theory of manifolds with affine connection, Riemannian, K¨ahlerian and Riemann-Finsler manifolds, using the notation from. Unless otherwise stated, the investigations are carried out in tensor form, locally, in the class of sufficiently smooth real functions. The dimension n of the spaces under consideration is supposed to be higher than two, as a rule. This fact is not explicitly stipulated in the text. All the spaces are assumed to be connected. Under Riemannian manifolds we mean both positive as well as pseudo-Riemannian manifolds.
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topological spaces, affine connection, Riemannian, Kahler, manifold, endomorphisms, geodesic mappings, transformations
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Differential Geometry of Special Mappings / [Josef Mikeš, Elena Stepanova, Vladimir E. Berezovski et al.]. - Olomouc: Palacký University, 2015. - 567 p.