Fodder productivity of meadow clover varieties depending on the growing technology

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Demydas, H.
Galushko, I.
Poltoretskyi, S.
Novak, A.
Liubych, V.
Poltoretska, N.
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Ukrainian Journal of Ecology
The research results for 2018–2020 on the formation of fodder productivity of the yield of the dry mass of different varieties of meadow clover from 1 ha depending on the sowing methods on different backgrounds of fertilizer on typical low-humus chernozems of the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine were presented. On average, for the first three years of growth and use, meadow clover provided productivity of yield of the dry mass of 8.22–9.88 tons from 1 ha, which depended little on sowing methods. Productivity increased by 8–12 % when inoculating seed with nodule bacteria combined with the application of N60P60K90 compared with the variant without fertilizers and only by 4–6 % under separate application of fertilizers (Р60K90 or N60P60K90) or seeds inoculation on the background without fertilizers. The application of N60 on the background of Р60K90 provided the highest payback of 1 kg of fertilizer (6–7 kg of dry mass) among fertilizers. In the first year, sowing under cover of spring barley provided higher productivity by 22–25 %, and in the second and third years, coverless sowing was provided by 7–10 %. The most productive variety was Taifun, which was 0.10–0.66 t/ha of dry mass superior to Lybid and Tina varieties. The factor of fertilization was the most influential in yield of dry mass from 1 ha and the sowing method with a share proportion of 55 % in the first year. Meadow clover annually provided three mowings of fodder biomass with the share of the first mowing of 44–50 %, the second – 32–34 %, and the third – 18–24 %, and the uneven distribution of the yield by mowing by 30–47 %
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seed inoculation, meadow clover, productivity, distribution of yield by mowing, variety, sowing method, dry mass, fertilizer
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7. Demydas Hrihorii, Galushko Igor, Poltoretskyi Serhii, Novak Andrii, Liubych Vitalii, Poltoretska Nataliia. Fodder productivity of different varieties of meadow clover depending on the elements of growing technology. Ukrainian Journal of Ecology, 2021, 11(1), pp. 254–260. Doi: 10.15421/2021_37