Optimisation of the vegetable bean production process by selecting varieties and using drip irrigation.

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Яценко, Вячеслав Васильович
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Scientific Horizons
For the agricultural sector, there is a current trend of expanding the range of vegetables. Modern agricultural production is impossible without the cultivation of legumes – a cheap source of vegetable protein and one of the important links on which depends the balance of organic matter in the soil. The purpose of the study conducted in 2019-2020 was to investigate the cultivar specifics and the influence of drip irrigation on the growth and yield of vegetable beans and the development of a symbiotic system. The research involved field, laboratory, statistical, and calculation-analytical methods. Studies have indicated that the use of drip irrigation contributed to an earlier emergence of seedlings, a reduction in interphase periods, and earlier arrival of vegetable products by 4-7 days, depending on the cultivar. The weight of green beans increased by 35.9-41.9 g, depending on the cultivar. Yields of green beans increased by 3.5 t/ha (32.1%) in Karadag cultivar, 3.6 t/ha (31.3%) in Windsor cultivar, and 4.2 t/ha (39.2%) in Ukrainian Sloboda and Windsor cultivars.
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biochemical+ parameters, weight of green beans, nodulation apparatus, yield of green beans
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Scientific Horizons