Features of food market formation in Ukraine

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Rybchak, Vitalii
Blenda, Nataliia
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The article examines the peculiarities of the formation of the food market of Ukraine and trends in its development. The actual capacity of the domestic market for certain products has been determined, taking into account the decrease in the average per capita consumption of certain food products by the population and the reduction in the population of Ukraine. It is established that the growth of gross output of agricultural products has improved the level of self-sufficiency in food in Ukraine. Meeting the needs of the population in food, within its purchasing power, is almost entirely provided by domestic products, except fruits, berries, and grapes. The level and dynamics of import dependence of the food market as a whole and in the context of individual product groups are determined.
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food market, food products, self-sufficiency, export, import
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Nataliia Blenda, Vitalii Rybchak. Features of food market formation in Ukraine // Journal of Tourism and Regional Development. Warsaw university of Life Sciences – SGGW. TURYSTYKAI ROZWÓJ REGIONALNY. Warsaw university of Life Sciences – SGGW. 2021; No.16. 126 sc. Sc. 5-13.