Development of online and offline academic mobility of students in modern conditions

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Bakhmat, O.; Lisina, L.; Udovenko, I.; Nikolenko, L.; Buhlai, N.
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Revista Eduweb, 16(3).
The purpose of the research lies in identifying the problematic aspects of ensuring academic mobility of students in the conditions of distance learning. The research methodology consists of the methods as follows: statistical, scientific abstraction, analogy, comparison, analysis, synthesis, graphic, tabular, systematization, generalization. The results of the research prove that the academic mobility of students is one of the effective methods of exchanging experience, knowledge and professional skills in order to increase the competitiveness of the future specialist and his ability to meet the requirements of the globalized labour market. In the course of the research, the problems of ensuring the academic mobility of students have been identified, namely: a low level of awareness of the possibilities of academic mobility, motivation and their financial capacity, the lack of interrelationship between the level of education and income, low rates of development of virtual academic mobility. Taking into consideration the downward trends in the participation of students from Ukraine in EU projects on academic mobility (969 in 2018, 852 in 2019, 1191 in 2020, respectively), it is proposed to intensify the process of obtaining a double diploma by students; to form a mechanism for guaranteeing further employment with a high level of remuneration; to introduce programs of educational crediting of academic mobility by commercial banks.
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Bakhmat, O. ., Lisina , L. ., Udovenko, I. ., Nikolenko, L. ., & Buhlai, N. . (2022). Development of online and offline academic mobility of students in modern conditions. Revista Eduweb, 16(3), pp. 146–159.