Methods for Monitoring and Analysis of the Holidaymakers’ Free Time in Tourism

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Нещадим, Людмила Миколаївна
Тимчук, Світлана Володимирівна
TYMCHUK, Svitlana
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International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA)
Increasing the amount of free time by reducing working hours is a major consequence of significant institutional changes. Historically, objective circumstances indicate significant differences between working time, which generally limits the content of the individual's professional framework, and leisure time, which is devoted to the diverse social, cultural and intellectual development of the individual. Leisure arises in the area where, with the help of cultural and leisure practices, not only the process of self-realization of the individual takes place, but also preconditions are created for improving the social quality of life.The study of leisure is important from a theoretical point of view. The concept of leisure, free time is an essential part of scientific research. Theoretical and empirical studies of leisure practices today are not numerous, and therefore various types of theoretical and methodological problems arise in the study of this social phenomenon. In addition, the sphere of leisure and culture quickly reacts to social transformations that create new problems which were considered thoroughly studied before.The article deals with the concept of free time of the population, recreation and holidaymakers. The percentage of daily and total free time was investigated. The concepts of leasure time, recreation, tourism, excursion and some others were defined. A model for determining the free time of the population is proposed as a basis for the management of tourist and recreational activities.
Our modern civilized society is a consumer society. Leisure and free time in modern society are becoming commonly available cultural value. Man and his free time become continuation and condition of the production process. Leisure and consumption are the main requirements of the world of modern life. Thus, the sphere of free time turns into a social institution.Free time becomes an object for different areas of activity: show business, cinema, television, art galleries, theater, literature, restaurants, cafes, tourist trips, etc. The whole entertainment industry in society is developed to ensure the employment of people in their free time. A well-established entertainment and recreation industry is good for society. However, the modern problem of free time is the improvement of its quality. In order for each person to have enough free time, it is also necessary for the time to be used with maximum benefit both for the individual and for the society as a whole. If the entertainment industry and other means of spending free time in society are at a high level, then the members of this society will spend their free time more qualitatively. And this means the fulfillment of its two main functions: restoration of human forces, which are absorbed by the sphere of labor and other vital activities, and functions of the spiritual and physical development of a person.
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tourism, holidaymaker, leisure time, monitoring, аnalysis, tourism industry, туризм, вільний час, відпочиваючий, аналіз, моніторинг
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Neshchadym L.M. Methods for Monitoring and Analysis of Holidaymakers' Free Time in Tourism / Liudmyla NESHCHADYM, Oleh LAZARIEV, Yuliia FERNOS, Nataliia KOMISARENKO, Svitlana TYMCHUK and Liudmyla MOVCHAN / 10-11 april 2019 33rd IBIMA "Education Excellence and Innovation Management through Vision 2020" Conference in Granada, Spain. Р.7077-7081