Eco-friendly sources of alternative energy in Ukraine

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Karpenko, V. P.
Burlyai, O. L.
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The analysis of alternative energy production in Ukraine is shown in the article. It was found that Ukraine is an energy-dependent country, and the main source of energy consumption is fossil fuels. At the same time, the share of renewable energy sources in Ukraine does not exceed 2%, which is one o f the lowest in Europe. However, Ukraine has massive potential for energy savings by using natural renewable energy sources and in particular, there is huge potential of biomass available for energy production. Economically reasonable energy potential of existing biomass waste is about 25 million tons of fuel and energy potential of biomass that can be grown on unused agricultural land with an area o f more than 4 million hectares - about 13 million tons. This potential can cover up to 18% of total primary energy consumption in Ukraine. Thus, agriculture in Ukraine has considerable potential for bioenergy development o f our country.
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agriculture, alternative energy types, biomass.
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Eco-friendly sources of alternative energy in Ukraine / Karpenko V. P., Burlyai O. L. // Bulleten of Uman National University of Horticulture. – 2014. –№2. – Р. 106-109