Information marketing: the essence, characteristics, and trends of development

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Mykola Sanakuiev
Hanna Mуkhalchenko
Olha Semenda
Olha Vdovichena
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Under conditions of fierce competition, when it is important for the manufacturer to acquaint the audience with the unique properties of a product or service, the importance of marketing significantly increases, and the modern realities of digitalization of all spheres of business lead to the fact that most promotional tools are somehow or other related to information technology. Therefore, information marketing today forms the basis among other types of marketing and in recent years is gaining considerable popularity. Given the relevance of the topic, the purpose of the article is to determine the essence, trends, and features of information marketing for modern enterprises. In the course of the research general scientific and special scientific methods of research were used, the principles of objectivity, scientific concretization, and consistency were observed. For the reception of objective scientific result of research 23 scientific works on the chosen problematics where features of modern marketing tools application, in particular, information marketing have been considered have been analyzed. The selection of scientific literature was based on the selection of the most cited and relevant publications on the chosen topic. The selection of materials was made through the use of search platforms and research exchange sites Research Gate, Web Of Science. The results revealed that information marketing can be effectively used for both B2B and B2C segments because today the main part of communication is built through electronic communication and information exchange via the Internet, while the relevance of classic tools such as television advertising, postcards, etc., is gradually lost. Also, the peculiarities of the use of different types of information marketing are specified. In conclusions, it has been proved that for the majority of modern enterprises, the use of information marketing tools is critical as it allows them to maintain their market position and to advance in the direction of widening their audience. Moreover, the development of the list of used tools of information marketing will allow to form the prerequisites for the development of the enterprise.
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Sanakuiev, M., Mуkhalchenko, H., Semenda, O., Vdovichena, O. (2023). Information marketing: the essence, characteristics, and trends of development. FuturityEconomics&Law, 3(1), 16-27.