Agricultural Higher Education and Training in Europe

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Movchan, Liudmyla
Komisarenko, Nataliia
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International Conference on Advanced Research in Training and Education
The article deals with the issue of agricultural education at European institutions. The author analyzes modern approach to the development of agricultural education according to globalization and integration processes that call new requirement for training experts in the field of agriculture. She points out that Agricultural education provides opportunities to learn basic agricultural skills and knowledge, occupation training and retraining, and professional growth and development. Students at European agricultural colleges learn through a combination of theory and practice, delivered within the college and in industrial placements. European agricultural colleges train students to operate within an enterprise, keeping the balance between economic demands and environmental issues. The author focuses on the analysis of the main principles applied to education and training in agriculture and also defines functions and characteristics of agricultural training institutions in Europe that looks at career prospects of future specialists in agriculture.
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agricultural education, modern requirements, agricultural training institutions, sustainable development,, globalization, new skills.
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L. Movchan, N. Komisarenko. Agricultural higher education and training in Europe. International Conference on Advanced Research in Teaching and Education. 10-12 May, 2019. Rome, Italy, p.33 – 37.