Thermodynamic Simulation of the Zn–S and Zn–Se Systems

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Ковальов, Леонід Євгенійович
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Springer Nature
The equilibrium composition and the thermodynamic characteristics of the Zn–Se and Zn–S semiconductor systems are studied. The temperature regions of the components of the condensed and gas phases that form when the ZnSe and ZnS compounds are heated in the temperature range 300–3000 K in an Ar atmosphere are revealed for a wide pressure range from 1 to 109 Pa. Equations are derived to describe the pressure dependence of the evaporation temperature. The effect of iron and chromium impurities on the equilibrium characteristics of the Zn–Se and Zn–S systems is studied. The enthalpy and the entropy of both systems are shown to increase linearly with the chromium and iron concentration. The results obtained are in good agreement with the experimental data on the dependence of the absorption coefficient and the effective generation of zinc selenide and sulfide on the impurity concentration.
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zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, thermodynamic simulation
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Ilinykh, N.I., Kovalev, L.E. Thermodynamic Simulation of the Zn–S and Zn–Se Systems. Russ. Metall. 2021, 239–245 (2021).