The competence approach in teaching the second foreign language at non-linguistic university.

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Movchan L.
Lazariev O.
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Черкаський національний університет
Council of Europe declared the XXI century of polyglot age. The article points out the main purpose of teaching the first and the second foreign languages at higher school that is the development of the ability and readiness of future experts from different specialties to intercultural communication and implementation of professional communication strategy and increasing the level of formation of professional communicative competence. The work towards improving the teaching of the second foreign language promotes to the implementation of major educational objectives: to provide future professionals with a unique opportunity to get deep, strong and stable knowledge from the first (English) and the second (French) languages, to develop professional communicative competence, to enter of university graduates into European international educational and professional space. European linguistic characteristics is a new level in teaching and learning of foreign languages in Ukraine, the implementation of competence approach in foreign language teaching, the introduction of European standards of assessment according to the State standards. Personality orientation of future expert in view of modern living requirements of other countries and cultural communities, defines success in learning languages.
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professional communicative competence, future specialists, competence approach, a second foreign language, French language teaching methods
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Lazariev O. Movchan L. The competence approach in teaching the second foreign language at non-linguistic university // Лазарєв О., Мовчан Л./ Зб.н. пр.: Вісник Черкаського національного університету. Серія «Педагогічні науки». – Вип. №7. – Черкаси: ЧНУ, 2018. – С. 3 – 12.