Breeding and genetic improvement of soft winter wheat with the use of spelt wheat

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Діордієва, Ірина Павлівна
Рябовол, Людмила Олегівна
Рябовол, Ярослав Сергійович
Сержук, Олександр Петрович
Накльока, Юрій Іванович
Накльока, Ольга Петрівна
Каричковська, Світлана Петрівна
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Agronomy Research
In the process of carrying out studies as a result of hybridization of soft wheat with spelt wheat, a number of new forms that differ in morphobiological and economically valuable features were obtained. The aim of the research was to expand the genetic diversity of soft wheat by hybridization with spelt wheat, analysis of the heterotic effect in hybrids in order to systematize the samples and obtain valuable original forms for the breeding process of creating high-yielding varieties. As a result of research the breeding technology of creating high-yielding forms of soft winter wheat by cross-species hybridization of Triticum aestivum L. × Triticum spelta L. has been improved. It has been determined that the plant height and ear length in hybrids are inherited by type of intermediate inheritance or negative dominance, the number of grains in the ear - by type of intermediate inheritance or positive dominance; ear grain weight - by type of superdominance or positive dominance. In F2 hybrids there is a dihybrid cleavage into forms with speltoid, squarehead and typical ear with a quantitative predominance of speltoid plants, which indicates the control of the ear shape indication by two non-allelic genes. The ear shape of the soft wheat original varieties in relation to speltoid varieties turned out to be a recessive trait, but at the same time it was dominant to a squarehead form. Regardless of the genotypes of soft wheat included in the combination of crossbreeding with spelt wheat, red color ear indication was determined by a monogenic type of inheritance. Varieties of soft winter wheat Artaplot, Umanska Tsarivna and Freya have been created, which are included in the State Registry of Plant Varieties Suitable for Distribution in Ukraine and recommended for cultivation in Polissia.
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intraspecific hybridization, inheritance of characteristics, ear morphotype, grain quality
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Diordiieva І. P. , Riabovol L.O., Riabovol Ya.S., Serzhuk O.P., Nakloka Iu. І., Nakloka О. P. and Karychkovska S.P. Breeding and genetic improvement of soft winter wheat with the use of spelt wheat. Agronomy Research. 2022. № 1. Р. 91-102