Alternative Types of Fuel for Grain Drying

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Осокіна, Ніна Максимівна
Ткаченко, Геннадій Володимирович
Євчук, Яна Валеріївна
Григоренко, Олена Віталіївна
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Ways to use alternative types of fuel for grain drying and quality requirements for fuel chips were presented in the article. The most widespread types alternative types of fuel are organic waste from cultivation and processing of agricultural crops (straw, grain cleaning waste, sunflower husk), as well as wood (logs, wood shaving, fuel chips, granules). Technical-and-economic grounds, technological scheme and working projects of a heat generator for combustion of fuel chips, pellets and a small amount of waste after wood processing industry (with knots and nails that cannot be crushed to chips) were developed. Constructive features, operating modes and comparative technical-and-economic indexes of log splitters and chopping machines for receiving fuel chips were showed. Influence of raw material on the geometric sizes of fuel chips was studied. It was established that actual maximum diameter of wood for both machines was lower than in the passport because there was wood of non-rectilinear form for combustion, with a large number of branches of fibrous structure. Fuel chips with a length of more than 100mm can cause an emergency stop of a screw conveyor. Output of a large fraction under processing of raw materials in the length of 1 m is higher than 2 m by 60 ... 100%.
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Fuel, Grain, Drying
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Osokina N., Tkachenko H., Yevchuk Y., Hryhorenko O. (2019) Use of Alternative Types of Fuel for Grain Drying. In: Nadykto V. (eds) Modern Development Paths of Agricultural Production. Springer, Cham pp807-814 DOI