Trendy rozwoju ogroodnictwa na Ukrainie

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Karpenko, Wiktor
Burliai, Oleksandr
Mostowiak, Iwan
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The article presents the research results of the analysis of fruit production sector of Ukraine. It is shown that the branch is in the conditions of crisis and to overcome it, it is necessary to make a number of organizational- economic changes, namely, introduction of intensive resource saving technologies of fruit growing, extension of the network of farms specialized in fruit and berry production, improvement of orchards location, improvement of variety composition of plantations, processing and storing of commodities in the place of their production, elaboration of measures to increase the efficiency of perspective forms farming etc.
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fruit production, variety composition, supply, farm categories
Бібліографічний опис
Tendencies of development of fruit production in Ukraine // O. Burliai, W. Karpenko, O. Kiforenko // Episteme. – 2013. - № 20/2013, Tom 1. – S. 69-83.