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Burliai, Alina
Burliai, Oleksandr
Nesterchuk, Yulia
Revutska, Alla
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Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development
Organic agriculture ensures a balanced state of the ecosystem, which is the key to sustainable development of the economic and social spheres of society. European countries are in the process of historical development reached an understanding on the need for its further ecological progress. That is why the world market for organic products has formed. Studies show that the development of organic production began in the 20‘s of the twentieth century. Since then, markets for organic products began to grow rapidly in many countries. Among the world‘s regions, the largest areas of organic land are located in Oceania and Europe. The article is devoted to the study of foreign experience in the development of ecological agriculture. The variety of names of ecological systems of management in the countries of the world and the principles which are included in the concept “ecological agriculture“ are studied. The history of the emergence of organic agriculture has been explored. The analysis of the development of organic agricultural production at the world level, the countries of Europe and the European Union (EU) and individual countries has been analyzed. A grouping of organic farms in Europe has been organized in terms of size. Ukraine, with its signifi cant natural and economic potential in the future may also be one of the important subjects that will form a proposal in this market. The environmental policy of the country has an important infl uence on the effi ciency of organic farms
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sustainable development; agriculture; organic production; ecology
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Alina Burliai, Oleksandr Burliai, Yulia Nesterchuk, Alla Revutska. FEATURES OF ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS FUNCTIONING IN EU AND UKRAINE. Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development. vol. 8, 2019, no. 2. pp. 63–68. DOI: 10.2478/vjbsd-2019-0012.