Combined application of microbial preparation, mineral fertilizer and bioadhesive in production of leek

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Karpenko, V.
Slobodyanyk, G.
Ulianych, O.
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Estonian Agricultural University
The research deals with additional fertilizing of leek cultivars Goliath and Tango with bacterial preparation Organic-balance and mineral fertilizer DripFert N20P20K20 combination with adhesive agent of a natural origin Liposam. Field research was performed on the experimental plots of the Department of Vegetable Growing of Uman National University of Horticulture. The research focused on microbiological processes and formation of productivity in the leek crops depending on the combination of preparations. It has been established that the number of bacteria Azotobacter in the rhizosphere of leek increased 2.8 times after a four-time fertilizing with bacterial preparation Organic-balance and bioadhesive Liposam during vegetation. The maximum number of bacteria, including Azotobacter, in the rhizosphere of leek, was recorded after a four-time fertilization with DripFert N20P20K20-balance and Liposam. The share of influence of additional fertilization on the microbiota of the rhizosphere made up 77 97%. Leek cultivar Tango produced a larger assimilative leaf surface. Depending on the fertilizing the maximum leaf surface and photosynthetic potential of leek cultivars Tango and Goliath were recorded under combination of Organic-balance + DripFert N20P20K20 + Liposam. The yielding capacity of variety Goliath was better than that one of the variety Tango regardless of fertilizing. To make the growing technology of leek more environmental friendly it is advisable to introduce in the growing technology bacterial preparation Organic-balance together with Liposam. Utilization of these preparations improves crop yield, which makes up 0.6 0.7 t ha-1 for variety Goliath and 1.1 2.7 t ha-1 for variety Tango correspondingly. The investigated leek varieties had the maximum yields under combined application of Organic-balance + Liposam with fertilizer DripFert N20P20K20 24% higher than provided by plants grown without fertilization.
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Combined application, microbial preparation, Bioadhesive, leek
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Combined application of microbial preparation, mineral fertilizer and bioadhesive in production of leek. Agronomy Research. 2020. 18(X). Р. 148-162