Investigation of carrot food value depending on sort peculiarities and its change at storage

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Pusik, L.
Pusik, V.
Bondarenko, V.
Gaevaya, L.
Kyruchina, N.
Slobodyanyk, H.
Shchetyna, S.
Shchetyna, M.
Kononenko, L
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EUREKA: Life Sciences. 2021
A food value of carrot roots is determined by a content of such chemical composition components as dry substance, ascorbic acid, carotene and other. The carrot value is also determined by its ability to be stored for a long time. The research aim was to study a food value change of different carrot sorts at storage open in boxes. The research gives an ability to search a carrot sort, suitable for long storage, and also to search arrangements for better preservation of carrot nutritiousness at storage. It has been established, that the dynamics and intensity of losses of the roots’ food value depends on sort peculiarities. Thus, during 7.5 months of storage sorts Daryna, Shantane KL and Nant Kharkiv lost from 0.92 to 4.12 % of dry substance. The content of total sugar decreased by 0.16 and 0.77 % of its initial content in sorts Daryna and Nant Kharkiv, whereas Shantane demonstrated the content increase at the end of storage by 0.29 %. The same tendency was observed also by changes of the content of monosaccharides and saccharose. The content of ascorbic acid and carotene during storage varied from increase to decrease. At the end of storage losses of ascorbic acid and carotene were 1.43–1.93 and 3.42–4.26 mg/100 g respectively. The content of nitrates at the end of storage in Daryna roots remained at the initial level – 202 mg/kg of the humid mass, in Shantane and Nant Kharkiv it decreased by 18 and 26 % respectively. At that it must be noted, that the processes of nutritiousness changes were more intensive in Daryna and Nant Kharkiv roots. In Shantane the carrot roots content changes of chemical composition components were slower
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carrot, sort, storage term, food value, losses, chemical composition components
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L. Pusik, V. Pusik, V. Bondarenko, L. Gaevaya, N. Kyruchina, Н. Slobodyanyk, S. Shchetyna, М. Shchetyna, L. Kononenko. Investigation of carrot food value depending on sort peculiarities and its change at storage. EUREKA: Life Sciences. 2021. Number 1. Р. 17-24. DOI: 10.21303/2504-5695.2020.001588