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Удовенко, Ірина Олександрівна
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Ужгород, 2016.
The article considers the issue of economic security of small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector. Author reviewed of material on theoretical values and concepts of the term «economic security of enterprise» and proposed his own definition of the term «economic security of tourist enterprise» considering the analysis of the literature. Were singled out external and internal factors of the threats to economic security tourist enterprise, which are based on technical, economic, financial, personnel, information of components. Purpose. Еxplore the use of different technologies for an effective mechanism to ensure the safety of small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector. Results. Сoncluded the formulas of cumulative criterion of economic safety of tourist economic entity, which depends on the value of a separate criteria for the functional component, the specific gravity of the functional component and the quantity of functional components of economic security of enterprise, considering the indicators of internal and external factors that affect the economic security of tourism enterprises. In article are presented the basic requirements of the concept of economic security sector of small and medium tourism enterprises on the basis of scientific works and research materials in which substantiated interests of the administration of national and regional economic security. Conclusions. The author are generalized views that the specificity of the adaptability of the system of management of economic security of small and medium tourism enterprises means that the system must consider the existing state and the changes in resourcing the business environment of the influence of environmental factors, of the sectoral structure of the economy, competitiveness and financial sustainability of the enterprise and other parameters. Results of the research which are listed in the article can be used as a source of information for the determining of research, for development and improvement of the ways of economic security for small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector.
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economic security, system, business, small and medium businesses, tourism enterprises, tourism
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