Green Infrastructure of Post-USSR Cities for Prevention of Noise Pollution

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Sonko, Sergiy
Maksymenko, Nadiya
Skryhan, Hanna
Burchenko, Svitlana
Gladkiy, Anton
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Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
The green infrastructure provides many different benefits for the environment and for human well-being. One of these benefits – protecting from noise pollution. The study of the deterioration of the ecological situation in cities is associated not only with the study of natural but also with physical environmental factors of natural and artificial origin. Increasingly, physical factors are defined as risk factors for the urban population and belong to the group of anthropogenic factors. Increased urbanization, mechanization of processes and the development of the transport network are intensifying influences for citizens. Territorial organization of the urban landscape in post-USSR cities, is quite complex and has signs of spontaneous formation, without protective function of green infrastructure from noise pollution . The aim of this research is to measure noise levels in Moskovsky district in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Kharkiv is a large industrial city and noise pollution is a considerable factor of influence on the environment. Based on these tasks, we have analyzed noise pollution in Moskovsky district in Kharkiv. Were identified 80 experimental points. Noise measurement was performed using an instrument “Digital Sound Level Meter”. Was made the noise maps for working day and weekend in the mornings and in the evenings. For mapping was used QGIS instrument interpolation. The normal level of noise for this district is 60-70 according to the Ukrainian normative document. The WHO recommends the level of noise less than 20-30 decibels. According to this also was analyzed the change in the noise level in the zones of green spaces and was studied the objects of green infrastructure witch reduce noise in the cities.
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green, infrastructure, environmental, factors
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SHS Web of Conferences. Volume 100 (2021). IV International Scientific Congress “Society of Ambient Intelligence – 2021” (ISCSAI 2021). Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, April 12-16, 2021 S. Hushko, V. Solovieva, A. Shaikan, I. Khvostina and S. Semerikov (Eds.).- DOI: