The concept of sustainable development on the eve of its thirtieth anniversary: new challenges and prospects

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Сонько, Сергій Петрович
Василенко, Ольга Володимирівна
Гурський, Ігор Миколайович
Шевченко, Наталя Олександрівна
Залізняк, Яна Іванівна
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ISCMEE 2021). Odesa, Ukraine
Considering the large-scale exacerbation of the global environmental problem in spite of almost thirty-year-long implementation of the Concept of Sustainable Development, it needs further research and justification. The article offers a new vision on the theoretical foundations for the development of such indicators. Based on the concept of noosphere ecosystems developed in previous works, an attempt to qualitatively new substantiation of the goals and directions of planetary development of the entire human population is also made. Only in bringing the mechanisms of nature management closer to natural analogues do the authors see the future trend of implementing the concept of sustainable development. The aim of the article is to establish causal links between the spatial development of mankind and the achievement of a state of sustainable development. Applied implementation of the authors' theoretical ideas in reforming the administrative and territorial system is proposed.
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сталий, концепція, розвиток, теоретичний
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E3S Web of Conferences. Volume 255 (2021). International Conference on Sustainable, Circular Management and Environmental Engineering (ISCMEE 2021). Odesa, Ukraine, April 16, 2021 A. Generowicz, B. Burkinskyi and V. Koval (Eds.)./ DOI