Efficiency of management in LLC "Agrofirma Pyatikhatska"

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Voitsekhivskyi, V.
Yudina, A.
Poltoretskyi, S.
Orlovskiy, N.
Gayday, А.
Muliarchuk, O.
Tkachuk, V.
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Belarus. Minsk. Modern scientific researches
This article provides a detailed analysis of the profitability of growing different grain crops in the Steppe zone of Ukraine. It was found that the average profitability on the studied farm is 94,5%. The highest profitability was observed when growing grain corn, soybeans, rape and sunflower over 100%
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productivity, profitability, coefficient of variation
Бібліографічний опис
Voitsekhivskyi V., Yudina A., Poltoretskyi S., Orlovskiy N., Gayday А., Muliarchuk O., Tkachuk V. Efficiency of management in LLC "Agrofirma Pyatikhatska". Belarus. Minsk. Modern scientific researches, 2020. Issue 14. Part. 2. Р. 71–74. Doi: 10.30889/2523-4692.2020-14-02-067