Вплив комплексного застосування гербіцидів з біологічними препаратами на забур’яненість посівів ячменю ярого

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Карпенко, Віктор Петрович
Мостов’як, Іван Іванович
Karpenko, V. P.
Mostoviak, І.І.
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The results оf the investigation on the studing the influence of the combination of the applying in the herbicides mixture of the Granstar 75, and in standarts 10; 15; 20 and 25 g/ha with the plant growth regulation containing Emistym C ( 5 mm/ha) and herbicide Lintur 70 WG, and of standarts 90; 100;120 and 140 g/ha with the biopreparation Agat – 25K (20 mm/ha) on the decreasing of the different kinds of weeds in the spring barley sowing is shown. Pue to the complex applying of the herbicides Granstar (10-20 g/ha) with the containing Emistym C and Lintur (90-120 g/ha) with the Agat – 25K the amplifying of the herbicides action on the weed, that if connected with the physiological status of the plants and increasing their competetiveness by means of the positive influense on the cultural plants of the bioactive substances is estimated.
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herbicides mixture, plant growth regulation, biopreparation, spring barley, weed
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