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Title: On canonical almost geodesic mappings which preserve the weyl projective tensor
Authors: Березовський, Володимир Євгенійович
Keywords: canonical almost geodesic mapping of the first type
space with affine connection
Weyl projective curvature tensor
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Allerton Press
Citation: Berezovskii, V.E., Mikeš, J., Chudá, H. et al. On canonical almost geodesic mappings which preserve the weyl projective tensor. Russ Math. (2017) 61: 1.
Abstract: We study a partial case of canonical almost geodesic mappings of the first type of spaces with affine connection that preserve Weyl projective curvature tensor and certain other tensors. Main equations under consideration are reduced to a closed Cauchy system type in covariant derivatives. Therefore a general solution to these equations depends on a finite number of constants. We submit an example of above mappings between flat spaces. We establish that projective Euclidean and equiaffine spaces form closed classes of spaces with respect to these mappings.
ISSN: 1066-369X; 1934-810X
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