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Title: Ways of reducing carbon emissions in agriculture of Ukraine
Authors: Karpenko, Viktor
Burliai, Alina
Makuchowska-Fryc, J.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Opole
Citation: Ways of reducing carbon emissions in agriculture of Ukraine / Viktor Karpenko, Alina Burliai, J. Makuchowska-Fryc // Monografia: Wybrane zagadnienia rolnictwa i ekologii. – Opole, 2016. – S.(20-27); – 197 s.
Abstract: One of the most important global environmental problems today is the car-bon emissions that are an integral part of many vitally important industrial processes. According to researches of scientists of Bristol University in the UK, in 2016 emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere were a record for 66 million years. The rate of warming of the Earth has exceeded the historical record registered by the researchers on the example of remains of dinosaurs that lived 56 million years ago. The researchers claim that the rapid heating of the atmosphere due to CO2 pawprinting could lead to the extinction of many species of animals and plants. They believe that if the intensity of CO2 emissions does not reduce, by 2100 the Earth will have heated up by 3-4 degrees more. Therefore, the questions of reducing carbon emissions in the world, including Ukraine, are extremely important.
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