Підприємництво як особливий вид діяльності аграрної сфери

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Власюк, Світлана Анатоліївна
Ролінський, Олександр Володимирович
Цимбалюк, Юрій Анатолійович
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Редакційно-видавничий відділ Уманського НУС
У статті розкриті погляди вітчизняних науковців щодо існуючих концепцій дефініції «підприємництво». Висвітлено основні напрями діяльності суб’єктів господарювання аграрної сфери, зокрема їх організаційно-правові форми, форми власності та специфічні особливості. Today, in Ukraine and, of course, all over the world, the agricultural sector is an important component of the economy. As an agrarian country with huge natural resources, the agricultural sector in Ukraine is a potential branch of entrepreneurship that needs to be developed. Systematic review of the scientific sources of existing researches in the field of agriculture taking into account the current challenges concerning researches contextualizing on the nature of entrepreneurship and focusing on its role in the agricultural sector is important. The purpose of this article is to substantiate theoretically the essence organizational-and-legal forms and other basic aspects of the functioning of business structures in the agricultural sector. It was found that entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine takes place in the context of reform and in constant conditions of complication of agricultural production, domestic economic environment and against the background of increasing globalization of the world economy. Intensive development of economic processes in the agricultural sector determined the objective need to adapt entrepreneurial activity to new business conditions due to the limited resource potential of each business entity. It was found that agriculture is a main factor in resource conservation, selfsufficiency, development of rural territories, social and cultural guarantees. However, there are problems that limit its development, such as employment mismatch, lack of effective entrepreneurial orientation and productive investment in the agricultural sector, inefficient credit policy, technological backwardness and underdeveloped infrastructure, imperfect support system, vulnerability of a significant part of the main beneficiaries in agriculture, inability of business structures in the agricultural sector to constructive competition in regional and international markets because of the lack of proper legal framework, etc. It was offered to consider the business structure as an organization that has specific features that allow forming alternative views on the future and combines several aspects of entrepreneurship and a flexible, mobile structure, specific decision-making mechanisms. Creating a business structure in the agricultural sector requires a balanced decision, because the relevant knowledge, innovative ideas, financial support, use of new technologies that are necessary for competitiveness at a global level play an important role in its further activities. Further development of entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector requires the formation of a favorable business environment, effective government support, development of financial support system, improvement of crediting regimes, implementation of regional programs, development and realization of measures for information, consulting and staffing support, infrastructure development, etc.
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підприємницькі структури, аграрна сфера, суб’єкт господарювання, форма власності, організаційно-правова форма, сільськогосподарське виробництво
Бібліографічний опис
Власюк С.А., Ролінський О.В., Цимбалюк Ю.А. Підприємництво як особливий вид діяльності аграрної сфери. Збірник наукових праць УНУС / Редкол.: О.О. Непочатенко та ін. Умань: Редакційно-видавничий відділ Уманського НУС, 2020. Вип. 97. Ч.2 : Економічні науки. С.178-187.