Evaluation of the tobacco genotypes by seed productivity.

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Leonova, K.P.
Morgun, A.V.
Hospodarenko, H.M.
Ketskalo, V.V.
Kotsyuba, S.P.
Nevlad, V.I.
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Український журнал екології
We presented the results of evaluation of 30 collection varieties of tobacco on podzolized chernozem in the Right-Bank Forest- Steppe of Ukraine. We also determined the essential set of morphological and economically valuable features, which could determine the parents for the hybridization. We performed cluster analysis of tobacco varieties to determine the influence of these features on the seed productivity and separated three clusters, which sufficiently explain 73.32 % of varieties variation. We also made the factor analysis and determined the main features, influenced the seed productivity - inflorescence density, capsules per inflorescence, seeds weight and yield. Three clusters were specified by analysis of these factors with cluster III had highest selection value.
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tobacco, source material, morphological features, economically valuable features, factor analysis, cluster analysis
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Leonova, K.P., Morgun, A.V., Hospodarenko, H.M., Ketskalo, V.V., Kotsyuba, S.P., Nevlad, V.I. Evaluation of the tobacco genotypes by seed productivity. Ukrainian Journal of Ecology, 10(2). 2020. рр. 449–454.