Social Aspects of State Regulation of Agricultural Production

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Barabash, Lesia
Malovanyi, Mykhailo
Osipova, Alla
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Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
State regulation of agricultural production in Ukraine is aimed at increasing production andensuring food security of the country and its population. However, the low level of social development, aswell as social problems, which in rural areas among the population have now become particularly acute,reduce the potential of this area of the national economy. That is why the question arises of finding activeincentives, tools and mechanisms that would encourage the rural population to act and create a promisingbasis for improving its social status. One of the main existing problems of state regulation of agriculturalproduction in Ukraine is the provision of financial incentives to large agricultural producers. And althoughsuch a policy has allowed to increase export potential, but has led to the destruction of rural areas and theimpoverishment of the rural population. The intensive activities of these producers on the basis ofintensive technologies have led to significant imbalances in the development of the industry with theprevalence of crop production and the decline of livestock, reduced soil quality, as well as risingunemployment of the rural pop
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microinsurance, territorial production cluster, Personal peasant farms, households, financing of agricultural production, small and microenterprises, State regulation, agricultural production in Ukraine
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Lesia Barabash, Mykhailo Malovanyi and Alla Osipova Social Aspects of State Regulation of Agricultural Production SHS Web of Conferences Volume 100 (2021) IV International Scientific Congress “Society of Ambient Intelligence – 2021” (ISCSAI 2021) Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, April 12-16, 2021 DOI: URL: