Investment attractiveness of ukrainian agrarian sector

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Бондаренко, Наталія Вікторівна
Власюк, Світлана Анатоліївна
Деркач, Тетяна Анатоліївна
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Редакційно-видавничий відділ Уманського НУС
У статті розглядаються проблеми інвестиційної привабливості аграрного сектору в Україні. Проаналізовано широкий спектр факторів, які виходять за межі аграрної політики, зокрема, макроекономічної політики. Викладено рейтинг інвестиційної привабливості аграрних галузей. Визначено комплексну стратегію підвищення інвестиційної привабливості України, яка включає ряд компонентів у контексті підтримки та розвитку як поточних порівняльних переваг економічної системи, так і майбутніх, що відповідають світовим тенденціям економічного розвитку та забезпечують принципи економічної безпеки України .
The article deals with the problems of investment attractiveness of the agricultural sector in Ukraine. It is defined that engaging investment in agricultural sector is based on a wide range of aspects that go beyond agricultural policy, in particular macroeconomic policy. Such coherent policy is an essential part of a beneficial investment climate for both native and foreign investors. The definition of investment attractiveness has been determined that is one of the most relevant and frequently used in economy today. It was found that for UAH1 of capital investment for the manufacturing of food and tobacco products in JanuaryMarch 2019, UAH 3, 38 was accounted for agricultural sector. Rating of investment attractiveness of agrarian branches is stated. It is outlined that Kyiv and Kyiv region agro-industrial complex is ranked the first position as well as the second, third and fourth positions are shared by Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions. . It should be noted that over 10 years the share of investments in financial and insurance activities has significantly decreased. The foreign and native experience has been studied, and an effective transformation of the agrarian sector of economy has been established that is based on the intensification of investment activities and a significant increase in the levels of investment. It has been determined that during the period of constrained investment resources at the state level, the investment attractiveness of the region is the key requirement through which the investment strategy and investment policy of enterprises and the state as a whole are formed. Consequently, the issue of increasing relevance becomes the investment activity of individual regions and identifying promising ways to attract resources. 203 It was determined that nowadays the priority area for investment in agriculture should be updating and modernization of agricultural equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out technical re-equipment and reconstruction of livestock farms and complexes, to update the vehicles with high-quality, modern machines of the new generation. It is necessary to create a comprehensive strategy for increasing the investment attractiveness of Ukraine, which includes a number of aspects in the context of support and development of both the current comparative advantages of the economic system and the prospective ones, correspond to the development trends of the global economy and provide the foundations of Ukraine's economic safety. It is proposed that the first step in restoring investment attractiveness is the adoption of the law on state support for investment projects with substantial investments
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інвестиції, інновації, інвестиційна привабливість, капітальні вкладення, фінансові ресурси, аграрний сектор
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Bondarenko N. V., Vlasiuk S. A., Derkach T. A. Investment attractiveness of ukrainian agrarian sector. Збірник наукових праць Уманського національного університету садівництва / Редкол.: О. О. Непочатенко (відп. ред.) та ін. Умань : Редакційно-видавничий відділ Уманського НУС, 2021. Вип. 98. Ч. 2 : Економічні науки. С. 195-203.