Prediction investment support for agriculture of Ukraine

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Смолій, Людмила
Ревуцька, Алла
Щетина, Марина
Півторак, Михайло
Демянишина, Олеся
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IBIMA Publishing
The article considers the necessity and the possibility of applying economic forecasts in the part of constructing a forecast of the flow of capital investments into agriculture in Ukraine, which is due to the need for optimization of investment volumes. According to the results of retrospective assessments the period of the highest investment activity was discovered. The analysis of the different types of models trend in investments to establish such which would most accurately predict the behavior of investors, the current tendency of development and with which it would be possible to make the most reliable forecasts of indicators of investing income from investments in agriculture. It was found that among all variations of the forecast polynomial trend allowed to get the highest level of probability that is realization of the developed script of investment is quite probable. The projected volumes of investment and the probable share of profits and gross output which should be directed by agricultural producers to provide sufficient investment are established. It is revealed that, according to the forecast one can expect a gradual expansion of the investment process in the country's agriculture.
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investment, agriculture, prediction
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Smoliy, L., Revutska, A., Shchetyna, M., Pivtorak, M., аnd Demianyshyna, O. Prediction Investment Support for Agriculture of Ukraine. Proceedings of the 33th International Business Information Management Association Conference (IBIMA): 10-11 April 2019, Granada, Spain. URL: (Scopus