Results of grafting of Morus alba L. ornamental forms

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Вітенко, Володимир Анатолійович
Шлапак, Володимир Петрович
Козаченко, Ірина Володимирівна
Кульбіцький, Володимир Леонідович
Масловата, Світлана Андріївна
Лазарєв, Олег В’ячеславович
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International scientific journal Forestry Ideas
Based on the processing of literary sources and our own research, we studied the features of grafting ornamental forms of Morus alba: ′Pendula′, ′Globosa′, ′Pyramidalis′, ′Contorta′, ′Macro- phylla′ and ′Tatarica′. It is proposed to distribute these ornamental forms according to the grafting and budding dates: winter – the second or the third decade of February – the first decade of March; spring: early spring (the second or the third decade of March); spring the average (the first – the second decade of April); late spring (the third decade of April – the first to the second decade of May); summer – the end of the first decade of July is the first decade of August. It is in- vestigated that the best period for its holding is the first and the second decade of April. It is deter- mined that the most effective method of winter grafting is improved copulation, which was carried out in early March – the highest average splicing of various components after grafting of these plants was observed in forms ′Tatarica′ (70 %) and ′Macrophylla′ (60 %). When grafting plants by splitting in these forms, the highest average splicing is also noted – compared 61 % and 54 %. The highest splicing results of grafted plants during their spring grafting were also obtained by applying the improved copulation method in forms ˊTataricaˊ – (88–92 %), ˊPendulaˊ – (78–84 %) and ˊMacrophyllaˊ – compared 65–75 %. The largest number of splices of grafted plants during grafting by applying the method for behind the barkis noted in form ˊTataricaˊ (87–91 %, a little lower – in ˊPendulaˊ (73–77 %) and ˊMacrophyllaˊ – compared 64–72 %. It was investigated that the wild plant (M. alba) and its studied ornamental forms resemble their internal structure and the grafting sites are quickly spliced and are completely covered with a protective fabric before the onset of the rest period.
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bark, improved copulation, splitting, winter and spring grafting, white mulberry
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Volodymyr Vitenko, Volodymyr Shlapak, Iryna Kozachenko, Volodymyr Kulbitskyi, Svitlana Maslovata, Sergiy Koval and Oleh Lazariev. Results of grafting of Morus alba L. decorative forms. International scientific journal Forestry Ideas, 2019, vol 25 No. 2 (19). P. 413-424