Прикладна інформаційна технологія розв'язування задач заміни сільськогос-подарських машин

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Марін, Борис Миколайович
Гринчак, Олександр Васильович
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Збірник наукових праць Уманського національного університету садівництва
The problem of the optimal equipment replacement terms definition becomes very actual now when enterprises haven't enough of financial resources for the re- newing their machines parking. The applied information technology for solving this problem is built in the environment of spreadsheets processor Excel 2010. A total cost of tractors and machines exploitation function depends on equip- ment use term and includes four parameters: fixed and variable costs for machine or equipment maintenance, parameter of costs change in time and initial machine cost. Minimal costs point as well as a time of its reaching was arrived by equating of first derivate to zero. The results of the research of spreadsheets processor MS Excel functionalities in the solving of one typical task in tractors and agricultural machines using – defini- tion of the efficient exploitation term of these machines and equipment – are present- ed. Information technology for automation of cost function values calculation, val- ues obtained visualization and searching for minimal cost function value built in Ex- cel environment is presented in the article. Searching cost function minimal value macro was developed on built-in pro- graming language VBA. Macro running associated with the pressing by user a button on the surface of the spreadsheet. The ways of further improvement of the created information technology are specified in the paper. The paper concludes that the Excel environment has a wide set of interface tools for modeling decision problems of tractors, agricultural machines and equipment re- placement as well as a number of other engineering tasks.
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машинно-тракторний парк, заміна обладнання, оптимізація, табличний процесор, Excel
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