Analysis of European practice in public administration by the development of rural areas and cooperation

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Приліпко, Сергій Михайлович
Prylipko, Sergii Mykhailovych
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Publishing house Education and Science
The importance of agricultural service cooperatives in the development of rural areas of the EU is growing. There are stable trends of the sustainable development due to their widespread distribution in the agrarian sector. Cooperatives play an important role in the development of rural areas, create new jobs and provide income for members in remote rural areas. In Ukraine, rural areas also have a lot of systemic social and economic problems. In this regard, the search for new ways of developing these areas, including through the expansion of service cooperatives, should become one of the priorities of the state agrarian policy.
The analysis of the EU experience of rural area development enabled us to identify conceptual approaches in the field of public administration. They are to ensure the sustainable development of rural areas through the effective use of their internal resources. In general, the experience of the EU countries in the functioning of the system for sustainable development of rural areas contains excellent examples. Their adaptation and application will effectively influence the development of the public administration institution aimed at ensuring the integrated development of villages in Ukraine. It is determined that service cooperation plays an important role in ensuring sustainable development of rural areas of the EU and helps in promoting and lobbying public programs, including receiving subsidies for the region, fulfilling a social function for villagers. Adoption and application of the experience of public administration in the EU is extremely important with a view to sustainable development of the Ukrainian rural territories and cooperation.
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обслуговуюча кооперація, servicing cooperation, сільська територія, rural territory, публічне управління, public administration, розвиток сільських територій, development of rural areas, європейська практика, European practice, сталий розвиток, sustainable development
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Prуlipko, S. (2018), “Analysis of European practice in public administration by the development of rural areas and cooperation”, Vědecký časopis «Středoevropský vĕstnĺk pro vĕdu a výzkum», vol. 2 (46). – Praha, Česká republika. – pp. 43-52.