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Власюк, Світлана Анатоліївна
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Редакційно-видавничий відділ Уманського НУС
Розглянуто стан та проблеми функціонування аграрного ринку, проаналізовано фінансове забезпечення сільськогосподарських підприємств, обґрунтовано чинники, що гальмують даний процес. Запропоновано теоретичні та практичні підходи щодо залучення як внутрішніх, так і зовнішніх джерел фінансування.
The actuality of financial assurance instruments for agro industrial complex is increasing because of the necessity of removal of financial crisis influence and the rise of economic increase. This research aims at alternative resources of financial assurance of agricultural enterprises grounding for their further use in simple and extended processes of manufacture reconstruction. In research process there were used the following scientific methods: monographic – for investigation of resources of agrarian sector finance assurance; statistic and economic – for evaluation of crediting current state and tendencies in development; abstract and logical – for theoretical generalizations and formation of decisions. It was grounded that financial assurance of agricultural enterprises involves the use of all possible resources for financial resources formation. It was established that their own resources are the most acceptable for agricultural enterprises, but they are limited and not enough for realizing the effective process of management. It was established during the research that the best outer investor of national agricultural enterprises were Cyprus with 224,2 million dollars in 2014, China, which doubled the amount of its investments (2,4 million dollars), Turkey (1,8 million dollars or 35%) and Israel (1,8 million dollars or 235.9%). It was offered to distinguish several financial assurance instruments taking into consideration current realities and mechanisms of agricultural enterprises manufacturing activity stimulation, especially bank crediting, bill financing, agrarian acknowledgements, lease, state financing, foreign loans. It was established that 1443 enterprises of agro industrial complex took out loans of 7,6 milliard hryvnas (total volume) on 19.06.2015, especially: more than 5,4 milliard hryvnas – short-term, 1,2 milliard hryvnas – mid-term and 1,0 milliard hryvnas – long-term credits. Bill form of crediting takes a great part of credit portfolios – from 20-25% in 2014 to 40% in 2015 (purpose level) in all big banks, which specialize in agro crediting. Besides, total volume of billholding is valued with 6-7 milliard hryvnas. In September, 2014 the pilot project technology practicing of agrarian acknowledgements introduction into circulation in Poltava region; later enterprises of Vinnytsia, Cherkasy and Kharkiv regions were joined to this project. Lease as well as bank credit functions on the principles of flyback, immediacy and serviceability. Rural workers concluded a contract of financial lease at the end of the second quarter in – 23 % from total amount of concluded contracts of enterprises of various spheres. A great reduction of budget programs directed to the development of state agricultural enterprises took place according to the State Budget of Ukraine in 2015 as comparing with the previous year. Another method, which can be chosen by agrarians, is the attraction of cheap credit costs of foreign financial enterprises, including the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. It was offered to attract different forms and resources of financing and state support for financial assurance of agricultural enterprises, which will give an opportunity to effective changes in agrarian sphere.
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фінансове забезпечення, банківське кредитування, вексельне фінансування, аграрні розписки, лізинг, державне фінансування, зовнішні запозичення, сільськогосподарські підприємства
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Власюк С.А. Альтернативні форми фінансового забезпечення сільськогосподарських підприємств / С. Власюк / Збірник наукових праць Уманського національного університету садівництва / Редкол.: О.О. Непочатенко (відп. ред.) та ін. – Умань: УНУС, 2016. – Вип. 88. – Ч. 2 : Економічні науки. – С.219-230.